/ NewCastle Gold

Sector: Mining,

Year: 2017

Country: United States, Canada


Under Consideration / BrandNew – Feature

Behance – Graphic Design Feature


NewCastle Gold is a gold mining exploration company that has a 100% interest in the Castle Mountain property in San Bernardino County, California. In late 2016 NewCastle Gold finished forming a powerhouse management team which include former executives from global gold mining companies, considered to be a major ingredient for a junior miner's success. At this point, Investor relations department reached over to us for a complete brand makeover.


Preparing NewCastle for Toronto Stock Exchange graduation was the main goal set out in the beginning of the process. Aside from the inherent aesthetic impact of our work on the brand as a whole, making sure that for both current and future investors understood NCA's forward thinking mindset was a must.


In less than 12 months after implementing, as a result of the company's Mining advancements and IR efforts through a cohesive brand presence, they recently announced a merger with to form a Mid-tier global mining operation.

A Functional Trustworthy Symbol


Through immersive conversations with the NCA team, the company’s technical and fast moving posture stood out as they provided plenty of knowledge and data as to where the mining operation was currently standing and where the company wanted to get in the next 10 to 12 months.


Their posture made us believe that although aesthetically referencing gold, an abstract symbol was the way to represent their objectiveness towards the future though simple geometry and 3-Dimensional reference to gold ingots, pointing arrows in negative space, which conveys a strong and representative symbol for a imposing brand identity.

Surface mining layers was the main reference to develop NCA’s advertising and document identification system which derives from proportional division of the formats to guide the use of smaller or larger photography depending on the document’s purpose.

Website / Focus on PR and Documentation


NCA handles and publishes a significant amount of Press Release and Mining exploration documents  on a regular basis so the website needed to not only be easily manageable for the IR team but also easily accessible for the Investors willing to get updates on the company’s overall status.


Those basic needs led to an equally basic a direct visual language, with straight forward calls to action for seamless navigation throughout the whole content, whether it’s a PR or a financial report, dates and updates are easily distinguishable, making the website a living status report of NCA’s progress.

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