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Year: 2016


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Liv is a company born out of entrepreneurial connections from Brazil and China to offer intelligent solutions in renewable energy, offering the latest in technology to intelligently offer clean energy at low costs, exponentially optimizing the operational cost for companies and households.

The proposal is to deliver complete solutions that allow energy saving through simple energy effiency technologies, besides contributing positively to the environment and the entire community.


Given it was a new company, it was up to us to create a cohesive visual strategy that could reflect the the project’s dimension.

The main concept of the project was based on the functional factor of the company: We developed a name that behaves well graphically and phonetically in several languages and an identity that is based on the concept of energy and movement, a dynamic logo that generates its own energy through of movement, thus generating several possible brand signatures.


Close to it’s first year of operation, LIV projects and prooves itself as a consolidated, innovative and trustworthy of it’s investors and clients. Within that scenario the brand identity project fulfills it’s job. LIV has built solid relations and expands their market reach through the perception generated by their discourse and communication.

LIV: With movement, we have energy, we have life.


The strategy decision was based mainly on the functional fact as the overall performance of the company. We develop a name that performs well graphically and phonetically in different languages.


In addition to functionality, the argument and positioning the company as energy, life, movement gave us cohesive conceptual justifications to name LIV to a renewable energy company.



Beyond the large sustainability context for the world, Liv believes that investing in wind energy production is to think about a healthy future with less damage to natural resources and more use of natural energy without limitation.


 Developed in conjunction with Traço design de negócios

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