/ Hauforge

Sector: Agribusiness,

Year: 2017

Country: Brasil


Under Consideration / BrandNew – Feature


Hauforge is specialised in the production of mineral and vitamin based animal nutrition supplements. Based in Brazil, one of the world's leading meat producers, Hauforge's purpose is to stay close to producers and develop products considering that farms, their land, water, vegetation, geographical location, management and feeding systems are different from one another, and so must be nutrition products to meet the needs of so many variables.


Early on project development, one of the main goals defined were to begin market differentiation by renaming the brand, leaving the technical (Glycine, simplest possible amino acid) approach aside to adopt a name that would not only resonate with their purpose, but provide better expansion possibilities by meeting more naming development criterias: conceptual, technical and legal, such as: Meaning, pronunciation, future product elasticity, registration and so on.

Having arrived at a strong and authentic brand name( Hau/House/Care + Forge/make/develop), we set out to convey those conceptual and technical characteristics in a cohesive brand identity system with strong brand elements to identify and differentiate Hauforge through all of it's brand touchpoints.


After nearly a year into the implementation of the new positioning and identity, market reactions from both direct wholesale farming clients and distributors has been very positive. Not only the product stands out from the competition in stores, but it's purpose is very clear. Hauforge's perception is positive, fully balanced with it's high quality product delivery and it's competence is a certainty.

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