/ Factorio

Sector: Restaurants,

Year: 2017

Country: Brazil


Factório is an all day kitchen restaurant, a multifaceted space that adapts itself to the time of the day. As a solution for a restaurant that brings a visual and thematic experience as great differentials, we developed a name that served as a conceptual foundation for the brand, naming and dressing the place up with strong heritage from the chosen theme.


For a restaurant that declares itself as a thematic amalgam between "industrial" and Scandinavian culture, we produce a neologism in the creation of the name, bringing together the similarity of languages and the verbal composition between Fábrica, Factory, Fabrik and Factorium to arrive at Factørio, where we already present the reference in the use of accentuations and Scandinavian glyphs, as the substitution of "ó" for "ø". Within the visual identity, we assume the characteristic of an industrial "era" where the use of colors and letters suggest the form of the time of signing, together with composite materials such as iron, steel, wood and exposed concrete. In the language of elements, we have brought the inheritance of more literal symbols as to location, making the logo a symbol for "The Factory".


Factørio describes itself with an all day kitchen proposa. In this train of thought, our goal was to harmonize this concept within the identity, without characterizing the type of experience one should expect of the place, so that identity fits very well with the architecture of the place. The relevance of the project is based on the level of perception that the restaurant quickly had in its area, located in a gastronomy center of São Paulo, the image of the restaurant would be one of the most efficient ways to create the first positive impact.

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