/ Escola Aldeia

Sector: Educação & Cultura,

Year: 2018

Country: Brazil


Brand identity development for primary education school and early childhood education. Escola Aldeia emerged as a manifestation of the need for change in the forms of teaching. In a context where we see "school" as a hierarchy, a linear learning model and that annuls the individual and the exercise of creativity, the school project was born to present an alternative to this model of education, offering the new generation a path of community, creativity and teaching methodologies.


The conception of the project was based on guiding the perception of parents who yearn for new learning choices, showing through their communication and their identity construction a school that has love for knowledge, for the other and for life. Based on the research and market diagnosis raised for the project, we looked at innovative schools and their models to understand how to emphasize all school values ​​in order to build an identity with a strong concept;


We brought through the Explorer + Sage archetypes within the Design of the brand an instigating and intelligent visual narrative, that remits and remembers to diverse symbols and signals that represent creativity, knowledge, intelligence, freedom, connections. The symbol explores the cultural knowledge inherent to each individual, bringing different memories and recognitions. With a typographic voice based on intentionally uncompromising typography, inspired by letters that emphasized important writing, creating prominence through contrast and weight variation. Of course, when it comes to children's school and mainly to guarantee freedom with coherency to the visual system, it was necessary to bring a range of colors that presented this concept. We did this by bringing colors in different materials and supports, instead of creating color agglomerations in the same piece (commonly practiced in this segment), we chose to differentiate each type of material by color.

Design Direction
Rodrigo Francisco

Brand Research & Strategy
Luís Feitoza

Design Development
Caio Kondo, Eduardo França, Felipe Carneiro, Luiz Feitoza, Rodrigo Francisco

Lifestyle Photography
Bárbara Miguel

Print Production


Project developed in partnership with Traço Negócios.

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