/ Diferentona

Sector: Fashion, Retail,

Year: 2017

Country: Brazil


Diferentona is a creative gift and objects shop characterized as "Fun Design". Positioned aiming at younger and creative audiences, the idea was to appropriate the way they communicate using fun and funky language(in portuguese, Diferentona = The big different one, if we can even translate it), creating a connection between the store and final consumer.


Under the brand's language, we use the routine consumer customisations and decelerations of the "Internet user" to develop a dynamic identity from letter substitutions by numbers, weight variations, and other typographical characteristics, so that identity elements adapt to any given format. In addition, we produce different signatures for each type of behavior, balancing the use of these signatures for each situation, such as more moderate fun on a card, and more daring in a product package.


For a brand within the Fun design segment, we brought creativity and fun to all the brand's assets, adapting itself very well to the stages of the business. At the moment, the company pivoting business model from physical store to e-commerce, medium in which we were able to make effective and balance all of other brand touchpoints and the experience of receiving a product at home.

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