Sector: Real Estate,

Year: 2018

Country: Brazil


Development of Strategic Positioning and Brand Identity Design(Visual & Verbal) for the real estate development sector in Goiânia, Brazil.


CINQ is a real estate development brand that before thinking about urbanism and landscaping, makes every effort to think about people. To design a place where families will live in harmony with their needs and desires, the goal is to first understand how to unite and harmonize the following project pillars: Security, Comfort, Accessibility and the Environment. Society has survived every day in a routine of performance, "rush" and speed. The streets are bigger for the cars, the distance between the community is greater and the conviviality, absent. Thinking about this, they approach the concept of "New Urbanism": that is to bring benefits of well-being, fun, sport and social interaction among people. Thus creating places designed for survival to give rise to quality of life.


The project was able to increase the company's reputation in its geographic performance, being highlighted by the most singular communication in relation to other companies in the segment. In line with the objectives outlined, Cinq was able to obtain more interest from diverse segments of the segment, from investors, audience of interest and opinion influencers in architecture and urbanism.

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