/ BlueBenx

Sector: Fintech,

Year: 2020

Country: Brasil


Brand Identity Project for a fintech specialist in cryptocurrencies.

The great stimulus of this project was to design a brand identity that presents the subject clearly and simply in a country where financial education is neither developed nor popularized. To better understand the identity to be developed, we made research modalities a portrait of the Bluebenx investor profile, so that the brand image connects with the brand's main public personas, from knowledge to relationship with Bluebenx. The central idea was based on constructing an explanatory, didactic communication that passes the necessary security and is easily assimilated.


We took the concept of leverage into the brand's narrative, using a physics approach to draw its symbol: from arithmetic spiral to elastic force concepts, the Bluebenx symbol was mathematically designed to resemble a double "B", represent the leverage cycle made by brand investment services; For the logotype and institutional typography, we consider a intuitive and simple modern language to be communicated by the brand; In particular, we focus on the greater use of brand assets, which is their presence in digital media (applications, mobile phones, screens).


Two results that we highlight from this identity:

- Your perception of security and clarity on an ever-growing subject.
- Your visual unit working, even communicating different subjects. For a brand in constant development, the identity had to behave on different fronts in the company: its digital account, its investment products, rewards program, Exchange, etc.

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