Developing the world , the right way


In early 2016, we were invited to participate in the birth of a mining company with global operations. We were privileged because the project has a very rich history and ideals of solid work.


The scenario of this project takes place together with political and economic changes in the Republic of Guinea, a very exploited country by others and truly rich in bauxite: they have the largest reserves in the world in volume of unexploited bauxite. With the country’s reforms, new companies are being created to participate in the financial growth and Guinea’s own development.

Our work in this scenario is to research, diagnose and understand how the company will be born with a global perception, so that it helps countries in their emerging growth, the right way:


Developing work, developing its people.


Soon, we will bring tangible results of this process, presenting an identity that reflects the concept of the worldwide development that the company wants.