Identity’s strenght in law segment.









In Brazil, lawyers can not use mass media to make regular use of advertising and marketing to attract their audience.

The reason: maintain the profession’s code of conduct, its sobriety and make room to all for their quality and knowledge. With this, Lawyers need to create distinction and position themselves in the market directing their communication and image to the aimed niche of customers. In addition to identification, visual and verbal identity in this context becomes essential to create perceptions and achieve a positive impression.  That happens because, besides your work is good, your image needs to have the same quality to represent the necessary security.


An example of this type of work for lawyers who develop positioning and identity is the design for the Limiro office : The firm specializes in corporate law but his way of relating and communicating their differentials are different. Limiro brought his identity closer , intimate and friendly personality; His speech : We are not a law office, but a team of people specialized in helping companies and their professionals.

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