BrandNew destaca Hauforge


“The new logo is unapologetically bold and corporate, looking like it means business when it comes to making them cows’ bones strong. The icon has a cool, science-y structure and even though it’s shaped like a cartoon dog’s bone to chew on, it looks straight out of Omni Consumer Products (in a good way). The wordmark is kind of cool too. The packaging looks great, with the large icon in the background and the simple typography on top, almost like Mid Century pharmaceutical packaging. Overall, a pretty slick identity for what is not the most exciting product.”

— Armin Vit, Brand New


Brand New é uma divisão da UnderConsideration, fazendo crônicas e fornecendo opiniões sobre o trabalho de identidade corporativa e de marca. Cobrimos redesenhos e novos projetos de produtos, empresas, serviços e organizações notáveis em todas as indústrias e locais. Brand New é editado e escrito por Armin Vit, co-fundador da UnderConsideration.

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