Our work

• Research
• Diagnosis
• Public recognition
• Strategy
• Brand DNA
• Identity
• Retail Design
• Verbal expression
• Implementation
• Inbound Marketing
• Communication planning
• Brand management
• Crowdsourcing
• Tone of voice

The problem

Maxsushi has developed its business through the differential of having Self Service.
Other similar models came up with the market’s growth, which increased competitors, clients’ attention and the need to differ from those. The challenge wasn’t just highlighting the brand once more, but reposition the public’s perception, build a new consumption experience in all the points of contact. The idea was to attract the client in a way that he identifies with the brand and his choice becomes the reason for that association

Our aim: Create a clear value to the brand: straighten out long term relations with the public and become an experience

From commodity to experience

Founded in 2007, Maxsushi is a japonese food franchise located in 9 brazilian states. Quality products and in the service, together with the public’s involvement, is what adds value to its perception. In 2015 we built a new strategy to Maxsushi to position as an experience and be recognized for the quality, identification with the clients in all points of contact.

Your japanese, your way:

Modern, fun and young. With these atributes, we developed a platform for the brand to create distinction, bringing forward the new qualities: taste and sympathy.


A personality “kawaii” is a tribute to the japanese culture, with lots of references from Japan, which are already part of our client’s mind.

Truly japanese

Never having lost its essence, the japanese culture develops and transforms behaviors. Japan has arrived with a lot of wisdom, fun and sympathy in western countries.


We have brought these aspects to the verbal and visual identity by being a tribute and a celebration of these lovely concepts. From the logo to the mojimax drawings, we considered the traditional aspects, how they have developed in Japan and brought a truly japanese identity, full of personality and functionality.


As it is a franchise, we had to compose diverse elements to form the identity to communicate recognition.

Brand Standards / Brandbooks


Speaking of a franchise operation, brand standards are necessary for the correct use of the brand throughout so many mediums. To prevent all sorts disconnections and set the standards, we produced three specific standard brand books: Visual, Verbal and Social identities which establish all usage standards for printed, digital, social and store branding material.