LIV Energy


Our work

• Benchmarking
• Market diagnoses
• Naming
• Tagline
• Visual Identity

The problem

A brand that is born big: a renewable energy multinational has been developed through contact of Brazil and China entrepreneurs. With this enormous potential, the company needed to establish an image that positions it well and fits the culture of the segment for global operations.

Liv is a renewable energy company that was born from entrepreneurs connections in Brazil and China. With a potential global reach, Liv comes with a ready-made identity for the future of the brand and the world, developing and bringing renewable energy to a healthier world.

LIV: With movement, we have energy, we have life.


The strategy decision was based mainly on the functional fact as the overall performance of the company. We develop a name that performs well graphically and phonetically in different languages.


In addition to functionality, the argument and positioning the company as energy, life, movement gave us cohesive conceptual justifications to name LIV to a renewable energy company.



Beyond the large sustainability context for the world, Liv believes that investing in wind energy production is to think about a healthy future with less damage to natural resources and more use of natural energy without limitation.


 Developed in conjunction with Traço design de negócios