Our work

• Survey perception
• Benchmarking
• Market Diagnoses
• Brand DNA
• Brand Positioning
• Naming
• Visual and verbal identity
• Implement

The problem

Besides bringing an idea to life, we developed a visual and verbal identity for the company to be noticed positively in the project. The biggest issue was to evaluate and reflect which of the forms create a credibility and safety perception to a new business in the market. This way the company could be identified from that perception instead of relating with the founder’s image, who had already been working in this sector

Harvest is a brazilian planning and financial company. The company is focused in developing safe and comfortable plans for clients to live in harmony with their financial lives, offering the best solutions to criation, maintenance, protection and patrimonial succession.



As a company that plans and develops financial plans, the perception of credibility, respect and trust are our targets for building brand identity.


We analyze and categorize different types of perceptions and, among several alternatives, the metaphoric way allowed us to achieve better extensions have authenticity and mainly enabled us to reach a name that evokes the essence of the company.


Our appointment to the choice of a name was based on three main factors: The international operations, where we focus on the phonetic and graphic quality name; The perception of credibility and in the strategic field, develop a name that conceptually convey to future security the company offers


Harvest was chosen for answering effectively to the 3 factors, being well perceived and received with adjectives like: education, power, respect, knowledge. In Brazil, even the ones who didn’t know the translation had a good perception of the name. “Harvest” connects to the ideal of planting to collect, in the sense of development and wealth planning, and, for the ones who didn’t know, it was associated to education, economy, knowledge, positive imposition of respect.


To conclude the semantic sphere and build the verbal identity, the tagline closes metaforically with the emotional aims for the ones who work in Harvest: For a safe tomorrow



Through the visual identity, we wanted to build the perception of trust to the clients being friendly, elegant, strong and authentic. To bring all these atributes together, we developed different brand elements to transmit several sensorial assimilations.


Harvest has its atributes reflected through the brand’s actives (name, identity) and, along with that, a strong capacity to achieve and act internationally, with a positive perception and a value perceived for the work in the brand.