Our work

• Behavior and trend analysis
• perception assessment
• Benchmarking
• Diagnosis and market sectorization
• Brand placement
• Brand identity
• Photography
• Content production
• Tagline
• Website
• Art direction

The problem

In the digital age, the power of printed creates experiences and makes the attributes of a brand come to reality. Therefore, Cirgráfica proved to be able to position itself as a high-quality graphics that leads tangibilization values ​​for printed. The graphics needed to create distinction from companies in other segments and create a timeless identity system, regardless of printing technology .

Cirgráfica is a Brazilian company in the printing and high quality publishing industry. The perception of the company was unclear and did not have the distinction in its segment. We needed to divert the common visual paths taken for printing companies and wanted to convey a new perception for Cirgráfica. In addition, the appreciation of digital convergence in the print quality needs attention.


The project’s concept was simplicity. The main objective was that the user’s experience was much more sensory than visual. With this in min, we have developed a Timeless logo, which easily adapts to all types of surfaces.


Cirgráfica: Quality to be felt