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Sector: Telecom,

Year: 2014

Country: Brazil


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Telgo is a telecommunications company based in Anapolis, Brazil, offering broadband internet, dedicated circuit and fiber cable internet services in other 8 cities of Brazil's center east region.


Telgo is a rapidly growing company and within that process, there was never an internal organization to prepare their growth trajectory. Starting in 2012 when we repositioned the company and up to today, we partner up with Telgo to continuously maintain the company's core attributes live and


Cooperating with Telgo and over 100 staff members, ranging from their managing board to maintenance operators, this immersive process led to a new way to manage and position Telgo's brand, valuing it's main assets and building tangible and intangible attributes, which with staff members and customers are being held ever since.

In the diagnostic process we identified three main challenges:

• Reposition the brand, eliminating negative perceptions that a part of the company’s service had and, therefore, these complains were drawn to Telgo;


• Arrange the brand architecture, eliminating noise and confusion over the services that are offered and present a tuned company and harmonious company, that is easily recognized


• Differentiate Telgo from other telecommunication companies, with unique features. The intention is not to be perceived as a large operator (bureaucracies , protocols to bad services) but not even a local internet service (Unprofessional without technological improve).

Three attributes have become the pillars of Telgo’s DNA: Proximity , Freedom and Technique.


Proximity by its close relationship with its audience and its causes, Freedom by the company’s internal development: Open to new thoughts, solutions and technology, for its constant evolution, in matters of technology and their professional knowledge. 

With a clear, organized DNA and brand proposals, we realized all these attributes and intentions with the project to all the brand’s needs, thereby achieving all the objectives and wanted answers, creating an identity and speech aligned with the brand strategy. A brand that inspires Freedom , which approaches you with quality and technique.


Telgo, close to you and you close to everything.

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