/ Gênesis Associados

Sector: Finance & Consulting,

Year: 2013

Country: Brazil


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Gênesis Associados is an estate planning and financial education company. Located in Brazil, they offer a range of financial intelligence solutions, understanding state planning as a service that requires much trust from the client regarding the service provider. Genesis was very conscious that their previous visual identity did not translate the correct values and meanings to their current and future clients. The challenge was to position themcorrectly with their audience.


A great need of this project was to make clear that Genesis is not a life insurance company or an investment company , not even a land speculation company. The purpose of this was perceived within the financial planning industry and alike, there was a great confusion of services. Genesis did not want to be confused, but be seen as an authentic and reliable company of estate planning.

We understood that clients generally came, initially, with uncertainty and lack of trust  in a work like Genesis’. So we used their tradition to gain costumer’s confidence. Soon we started working with elements that related directly to this kind of visual and historical appearance.


In the logo, we have strong serifs induced in a grotesque typography, along with a coat made ​​with lines inspired by notes and document authentication, with reference to the guilloche.

Like any brand, it must be applied in several places, so we have developed a number of signatures to ensure the brand’s functionality in its applications, such as using the “G” , which works in small sizes in the composition of the identity and ” GA ” which is a clear reference to the typography carved in stone, ” stonecarving “.


The highlight of the project is undoubtedly the elegance and sophistication, but at same time sobriety, those behind the scenes that guide the ones who need guidance .

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