/ Ernesto & Josefina

Sector: Fashion,

Year: 2015


• Behavior analysis and trends
• Benchmarking
• Focus Group
• Market diagnoses
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Identity
• Photography
• Website
• Creative Direction
• Implementation
• Content management
• Management touchpoints


Organize and concept a fashion brand, developing an authentic identity, with the challenge of leaving the brand open to follow fashion and still keep its own style, through a ludic and creative communication.

Designing a fashion brand is always a fine challenge: Create an identity that has personality and an authentic DNA , but that relates to fashion and that is always connected to new trends. Ernesto & Josefina was created to be a children’s brand that not only reflect trends in adult fashion , but to inspire imagination, fun and is positioned as a brand concerned with quality, originality and comfort.

In this project, our role in research and diagnosis aimed to understand the public’s profile of the brand, how they recognize and would connect to the brand and how we would stand in front of that audience and market recognition.


We studied the segment, we analyzed the various proposals and business models to understand how we could create importance to get our profile of interest. To encourage art and imagination, we built a brand with freedom enough to fit the fashion trends without losing the artistic and inspirational context that the fashion platform carries.

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