Sector: Mining,

Year: 2016

Country: United States, Guinea


• 12nd Brazilian Graphic Design Biennal
• Behance – Graphic Design Feature


Consolidated Mining Corporation ("CMC") is a mineral exploration and mining development company, owned and operated Guinean nationals, the first to receive exploration grant. They are currently focused on building the ability to extract, benefit and export bauxite from the Republic of Guinea in West Africa to alumina refineries throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Its exploration license is located within one of the highest bauxite deposits in the world, the Boké-Boffa region, which is close to the Boffa-Santou Houda depot.

The social context in which mining companies around the world are inserted is quite controversial. For the most part miners explore their business in underdeveloped countries and with CMC it was no different.

Particularly in Guine, by government determinations since 2010, the mining sector has been modified so that only Guinean owned and operated companies have bauxite exploitation concessions, with the counterpart guarantees: to return to the country what was extracted in the form of the development of basic sanitation and health structures, initially through NGOs such as Projectcure.org.


Considering this social context and CMC's commitment to the exploration counterpart, it was clear to us that the solution to the project could not mention the negative part of the process: exploration, excavation or even the ore itself.

This way the whole project was thought of cycles and counterparts:
Everything that comes out of the earth comes back to earth in some way.

The brand’s communication in general is always accompanied by three directions: the environment, people and investors.
Distinct but essential aspects in the development of the brand in general, which seeks to be properly perceived in the social and cultural context which the company is inserted.


The goals of the project are very specific: Build an image of a solid company that has a trust grant from the institutions of the country in which it is started as its activities and also attract investors to its financing campaigns. With less than 10 months of project launched a company participated in fundraising with Projectcure.org and Live from the Republic, in the first event more than 2 million dollars were raised in equipment and medicine from the initial goal of 5 million. A great starting point and show of effort that the project is working as it was idealized.

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