/ Cirgráfica

Sector: Graphic Industry,

Year: 2015

Country: Brazil


• 12th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennal
• Behance – Graphic Design Feature


Cirgráfica is a Brazilian company in the printing and publishing industry. The perception of the company was unclear and did not have the distinction in its segment.


The visual paths taken by the vast majority of print companies commonly make direct reference to the work they do, the intention was to interpret this approach through distinct and functional visual language.

We are in the digital age, the power of printed material creates experiences and make the brand attributes tangible.. Faced with this, Cirgráfica proved to be able to position itself as a high quality graphic that leads to the tangibilization of values for printed matter.

The company needed to distinguish the companies from the other segments and create a timeless identity system, independent of printing technologies.

The main goal was to make the user’s experience was much more sensorial than visual, besides providing differentiation through common signs to the segment, approached in an unusual way.


In order to make the user feel the quality proposed and delivered by Cirgráfica. We develop a timeless identity, which adapts easily to all types of surfaces.

Cirgráfica: Quality to be felt

In order for sensoriality to play a central role in identity, we developed an iconography system inspired by the graphic print marks and the operation of large printing machines. The icons were designed so that we could explore them in various types of graphic finishes and in them we use all possible finishes to explore the sensoriality in print samples, catalogs, etc.

The project’s concept was simplicity. The main objective was that the user’s experience was much more sensory than visual. With this in min, we have developed a Timeless logo, which easily adapts to all types of surfaces.


Cirgráfica: Quality to be felt


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