/ AlphaPark

Sector: Hotel,

Year: 2015

Country: Brazil


AlphaPark is an Executive Hotel, based in Goiania, Brazil. It started as a desire for continuity between family generations and turned into a project with solid roots in tradition, unity and teamwork effort.


Develop an identity that conveys the values ​​of the family who founded the business, with a business hotel full of benefits (tangible) linked to the brand. Is very well located in the city and, at the same time, near an ecological reserve. The hotel is located in the most valuable area of ​​the metropolis(Goiânia) of 1.3 million inhabitants and is just 10 minutes from the city airport, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment sites.

Although being so accessible, it is also surrounded by green areas, in an area of a pine tree and eucalyptus reserve forest, which is the main reference for the symbol. The "tree", when considering it a global symbol, transmits fundamentally the idea of life in perpetual evolution, with its roots deep underground exploring the soil, seeking sustenance, values that are totally cohesive with the project's nature of a solid and stable family business.


The visual identity comes together to bring all those values together.
A refined approach to a hotel's essence and brand elements, supported by special print finishes which transmits the desired perception of a high quality business hotel.

Despite being so affordable, it is surrounded by green, in an area of pine and eucalyptus forest reserve, which is the main reference for the symbol. The “tree”, considering it a global symbol, essentially conveys the idea of ​​life in perpetual evolution. With its deep underground roots to explore the soil in search of sustenance, values ​​that are fully cohesive with the nature of the design in a solid and stable family firm.


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